Chakra Cleansing with Mudras and Mantras

1 day workshop
certified and included with course material
Who is this course best suited?

Anyone who tends to have physical issues such as lower back pain, migraines, headaches, allergies, stomach issues as well as for stress relaxation, alleviating arthritis pain as well as improving self confidence.


1. The seven chakras in a human body
2. Location of the 7 chakras
3. How thoughts and emotions tend to affect each chakra
4. Chakras and its connection to Endocrine glands and organs
5. How do you know that a chakra has been blocked and the symptoms that are seen on a physical and mental level
6. Mudras to cleanse the chakras and balancing it with the positive energies
    a.What are mudrasb.
    b.Concept of 5 fingers and 5 elementsc.
    c.Why and how to Mudras help us to cleanse the chakra system.
7. Mantras and mantra meditation to cleanse and balance a chakra
    a.What is a beej mantrab.
    b.How do mantras work along with sounds frequency of each chakra.
    c.Meditation on each beej mantra
    Prerequisite for taking this workshop   -  None

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