Usui reiki Level 3

Usui reiki Level 3
Master Level Reiki Training
Reiki III/Master Class Outline

The Reiki master class is held over two days.
We revisit all levels of Usui Reiki, including the symbols, techniques and additional healing practices that are taught.
This is to reinforce understanding and at each level, the student of this master teacher level is taught the sacred teaching of passing on this powerful energy.


Usui and Tibetan Master Symbols are covered in this wonderful two days of learning and understanding, with additional attunement and symbol also given to the practitioner, to become a reiki master/teacher.
This level is very practical as each student practices giving the classes at each level.


Discussion – The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master
Attunement using same method as Healing Attunement, and continue practice and demonstration of all levels of learning
Reiki II Attunement – Discuss, demonstrate students practice and develop their techniques and skills with each other, and guidance from the trainer.
Advanced Reiki Training Attunement – Discuss, demonstration, and students practice.
Reiki III/Master Attunement

– Discuss, demonstration and practice for all students
Review differences in Usui attunement method – demonstrate Usui attunements, including healing and Tibetan attunements
Explanation of self attunement, contraindications and what it means to be a reiki master/teacher
Discussion and suggestions on how to build a reiki practice that is ethical and will enhance your own self learning, as well as your students.
Closing meditation, certificate

All courses are certified and accredited by IPHM and every student is provided a course module


Holistic Accreditation Board

All courses and workshops taken under InnerWorks Lifestyle Coaching are accredited by IPHM.
IWLC is a member of RHA and IARP.