Chakra Healing and Balancing with Affirmations and Food Therapy

1 day workshop

Certified and Included with Course Material

Who is this course best suited?

For those who are having constant weight issues, IBS, Acidity issues, confidence levels are always low, you feel you are not able to make any decision by your ownself, low self esteem, having troubles feeling passionate.


1. The seven chakras in a human body
2. Location of the 7 chakras
3. How thoughts and emotions tend to affect each chakra
4. Chakras and its connection to Endocrine glands and organs
5. How do you know that a chakra has been blocked and the symptoms that are seen on a physical and mental level
6.Affirmations that help heal, balance and energise your chakras.
7.Food therapy for energising your chakras- understanding the basic facts ‘you are what you eat’. What food and fruits are important for the energising and balancing for seven chakras.
8.Personalised chakra healing session to help you understand which chakras are blocked and how do you get those chakras healed and in balance!.

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