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Why are precious and semi precious gemstones needed?

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals supposedly do this by positively interacting with your body's energy field, or chakra. While some crystals are said to alleviate stress, others purportedly improve concentration or creativity.

Precious and Semi-precious gemstones have been used since recorded history and probably before, for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Healers all over the world are using them. Please note Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to compliment and enhance it. It is not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

What are healing crystals? They're the same crystals you've seen every day. Crystals are all around us as an all-important component of everyday life.

Their power has been used for centuries for everything from Reiki healing to creating technology. The only difference is understanding what healing crystals can do for you and how to use them in your own life.

Crystals are all around you whether you notice them or not. Making up a large part of our planet's crust, crystals are beneath you and around you. You may not know just how many crystals you come in contact with every day and what effect they have had on your own life and wellbeing to date.

Healing crystals have been used in conjunction with spiritual practice now for a very long time. However, the Western world is still playing catch up on fully realizing the power of this element.

Why are precious and semi precious gemstones needed?

There are so many more crystals to learn about, all with unique qualities that are designed to empower you toward creating and owning your own best life. You may choose a stone that is your birthstone. Or perhaps because you're willing and ready to work on a certain shortcoming, or in preparation for an upcoming challenge.
While crystals can only be as powerful as you let them become, it's helpful to know that they'll always be there to center you when you need it most.
Read on further and see which one you resonate with!

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