Excel Academically Bracelet

Clarity of mind, improve concentration, learning and retention of studies

What crystals am I using: Tigers Eye, Jade, Fluorite

Tiger’s Eye helps you to remain focused on your goal, ensuring a successful outcome in tests and exams. Fluorite is considered as a ‘Student Stone’, it is an excellent aid to study, as it is believed to balance the functioning of the brain hemispheres. It helps you to focus on your studies, enhancing your memory, and increasing your understanding.
Additionally, it calms the mind, and relieves stress, which means that you can better control exam fear, enabling you to work to the best of your ability. Jade enhances motivation and drive and can bring mental clarity and improve perception, encouraging you to see issues from different points of view.

Each “THE HAPPY ME!” piece is activated and energized by healing techniques and rituals of sound, aromatics, and light practiced by ancient civilizations. Accompanying Each piece is our sacred description cards that encompass the energies, meaning and care instructions for the jewelry.
All Bracelets are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones are natural.

Size Guide for Women:
Small (6 in/15.25cm); Medium (6.5in/16.5cm);
Large (7in/17.75cm)
Size Guide for Men:
Small (7in/17.8cm); Medium (8in/20.4cm); Large (9in/22.9cm)


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